"It seems very pretty," she said when she finished it, "but it's rather hard to understand."



— Ernst Jandl

Ernst on “Film” on paper:

"This poem is a film. There are two actors, i and l. The action starts in line 5 and ends in the 5th line from the bottom. i is alone, changes position three times, disappears, l appears disappears, i appears disappears, both appear together changing position, like dancing; then i disappears for a long time, which, after stunning l, makes l restless, then immobile, like resignation; when at last i reappears, the dancelike jumping about and out of the picture and back again is resumed for a longer stretch than the first time. This state is final. It is the happy ending of the film. (flim, if you like, is the weightier half of the German flimmern, to flicker.)” Anthology of Concrete Poetry, pg. 160
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